Angelos Tsoutsis guitarist composer

Portrait of Mythical Princes Europe of Creta

ID: SM-000211266
Título alternativo Portrait
CompositorAngelos Tsoutsis
EditoraAngelos Tsoutsis
Ano de composição 1995
Gênero Clássico
chave Si (B) menor
Instrumentação Guitarra clássica
Composição paraSolo
Tipo de composiçãoFor a single performer
dificuldade Difficult
descripção This is one more of my adolescence pieces. But I consider it as an attempt for a major work. Although the duration is not so long, it took me more than six months to finish , when I was composing it.
The portrait is a memory from a girl I knew when I was going to school who's real name I do not want to say in the title.
Considerable technique is necessary in order to play it.
data de postagem 20.09.2014


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